Trailer-Mounted Platform

The invention is a mobile, trailer-mounted platform for multipurpose outdoor uses.

  • Motorized Folding Side Panels
  • Rear Integral Folding Steps
  • Supported by Adjustable Jack stands
  • Stand-Alone or Mobile
  • Water, Electric & Propane Hookups
  • Great for Camping & Hunting

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Garry Jones of West Liberty, OH has developed a mobile, trailer-mounted platform for multipurpose outdoor use.

Many Americans enjoy camping and often choose to do so in recreational vehicles. However, even the largest of these vehicles are limited on space, which causes them to become inadequate when dealing with large amounts of people. Unfortunately, with limited space in the RV many people have to use tents to accommodate everyone, which means sleeping on the ground. Another situation in which an elevated platform is desired is a portable outdoor stage. However, such stages must be transported via a truck and set up in a time-consuming process, not to mention these portable stages being unstable on differing grades. Inventor Jones developed a means by which a portable elevated platform can be developed to solve such dilemmas.

This clever new invention consists of motorized folding side panels, rear integral folding steps, and water, propane, and electric hook-ups. It is supported by adjustable jack stands, which allow the invention to stand alone. Additionally, the platform is easily mobile, which makes it great for camping and portable stages. The use of the Trailer-Mounted Platform provides a flat and level large surface for a wide variety of purposes at almost any location.

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