Track-Mounted Exterior Light String

This invention is an outdoor holiday light set that is deployed along a track and stored in a box at the end of the track.

  • Saves Time
  • Ten-Foot Sections
  • Links/Cuts to Needed Length
  • Storage Box & Track System
  • Removable Box for Storage/Changeability
  • Prevents Tangles & Knots

Story Behind the Invention

Holiday decorating can be a tedious task, especially when putting up exterior display lights. The eye catching holiday displays take many hours on ladders and in cold weather to perfect. Inventor Herdt wanted a safe, convenient way to hang and store holiday light sets.

This clever new invention has ten foot sections of light tracks that can be linked or cut to the needed length. These sections are stored free of tangles in a removable storage box. When needed the storage box slides onto the track system and the lights slid out along that system using a long pool, making the process fast and safe. The use of the Track-Mounted Exterior Light String makes putting up holiday lights a less stressful task during the already busy season.

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