Track-Mounted Decorative Lighting System

This invention is an outdoor holiday light set that is attached to a motorized track for easy deployment of lights while standing on the ground.

  • Heated Track Prevents Ice Buildups
  • Integral Lighting Cartridge for Storage
  • Adaptable with Programmable Light Strings
  • Provides a Secure Fastening Means
  • Decorate for Any Occasion


Utility Patent #8,641,228

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dale R. Drake and Raymond Drake, III of San Bernardino, CA have designed an outdoor holiday light set that is attached to a motorized track for easy deployment.

Seasonal novelty items comprise a multimillion dollar a year industry in America today. Among the most popular of these items is outdoor decorative lighting used to adorn structural elements. While such lighting displays are certainly eye appealing, they take a relatively long time to set up. They also take a long time to take down and store. This leads to many displays being left up for months after the holiday, much to the dismay of neighbors. Additionally, putting up and taking down of lights typically requires the use of a ladder, which is a safety issue. The Inventors have created a means by which holiday lights can be set up and removed without the disadvantages of traditional methods.

This clever new invention allows home owners and businesses to decorate for any occasion. It features integral light cartridges, or is adaptable with already existing light strings. The track of the invention is heated to prevent ice buildup, which allows the system to move in any weather. Finally, the lights are securely attaches to a structure by use of the invention. The use of the Track-Mounted Decorative Lighting System provides for the installation of holiday decorations in an easy and effective manner.
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