Track Lighting Hanging Bracket

The invention allows for the attachment and easy relocation of lighting fixtures without the drilling of holes in the track. This clever product allows you to design custom lighting designs without damaging the track.

  • Quick Slide on Installation
  • Secures with Locknut
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Ideal for Rental Properties
  • Great for Commercial & Industrial Settings


Design Patent D 682,463

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Easton O. Bernard of Toronto, ON has created a means of attachment and easy relocation of lighting fixtures without damaging the track.

Track mounted lighting fixtures have been widely available for many years. Their clean and minimalistic design coupled with the ease of placement and the ability to light very specific areas ensure that they will be used for years to come. Most of these systems use a horizontal track that not only supports the fixtures in a very specific location, but also house the wiring for the fixture. Should a new fixture be added to an existing track, the conventional method of installation means that user drill a hole into the track and connect to the interior wiring. While such a solution is workable, it means that the user must take great care to avoid drilling into existing wiring. Also, should the fixture be moved again in the future, an unsightly hole is left behind. Inventor Bernard has created a means by which track lighting fixtures can be mounted to tracks without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention provides quick slide on installation. It secures with locknut. It provides an aesthetically pleasing design. It is ideal for rental properties, commercial and industrial settings. The use of the Track Lighting Hanging Bracket provides alternative mounting for track lighting fixtures in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe as well.

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