Tow Hitch Rigging Arm

The Tow Hitch Rigging Arm is an apparatus that allows for the movement of large trash cans via a motorized vehicle.

  • Reduce Exposure to Dirt, Germs, and Bacteria
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Linkage Rod Works on Automobiles, Trucks, ATVs, Tractors, and the like
  • Spring Clip Allows For Pulling Container on its Existing Wheels
  • Especially Beneficial for the Elderly or Disabled


Utility Patent #9,085,207

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph J. Sweet of Doerun, GA has created an apparatus that allows for the movement of large trash cans via a motorized vehicle.

One common household chore is the taking out of trash. Although simple in routine, the job is often burdened by some problems. Garbage is commonly place inside of large trash cans with attached hinged lids. These cans are usually provided by local municipalities or recycling centers, and are used with trucks that automatically pick up the cans with a large swing arm. These receptacles must be moved to curbside locations for pickup. Those with long or inclined driveways often find the moving of these receptacles time consuming and difficult. Those who are elderly or disabled may find such a task impossible. Inventor Sweet has created a means by which large wheeled trash cans can be easily moved.

This clever new invention reduces exposure to dirt, germs, and bacteria. It saves time and effort. A linkage rod works on automobiles, trucks, ATVs, tractors, and the like. A spring clip allows for pulling a container on its existing wheels. The device is especially beneficial for the elderly or disabled. The use of the Tow Hitch Rigging Arm allows for a more efficient way to take the trash to the curb, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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