Tow Hitch for Bicycle

Our Tow Hitch for Bicycles is designed to tow a non-passenger bicycle behind a passenger bicycle. This is great for dropping your kids off at school or the bus stop and taking their bike home with you.

  • Provides Portability for 2nd Bicycle
  • Single Connect & Release Retainer
  • Adaptable to Various Sized Bicycles
  • Doesn't Hinder Balance of Rider
  • Encourages Exercise


Utility Patent #8,882,123

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Douglas Michael Gingras of Grand Blanc, MI has designed a devicethat allows a non-passenger bicycle to be towed behind a passenger bicycle. 

Modern concernsover health and physical fitness have produced an abundance of people whoreligiously participate in a variety of exercise regimens in order to stay inshape.  One of the most popular exerciseactivities involves the use of a bicycle. However, with the typical bicycle being a one rider machine, problemsand logistical difficulties quickly arise when using a bike to pick someone upor dropping someone off at a specific location. One can have someone transport two bicycles in a truck or other motorvehicle, but such a solution quickly defeats the purposes of exercise andenergy savings provided by a bicycle. Another option is for the rider to hold the bicycle along ones side,but such a solution greatly compromises their safety.  InventorGingras has created a means by which arider-less bicycle can be easily transported by another bike rider. 

This clever new invention does not hinder the balanceof the rider who is towing the non-passenger bicycle.  It features a single connect and releaseretainer, which makes attaching the two bikes together very simple.  Finally, it is adaptable to various sizedbicycles.  The use of the Tow Hitch for Bicycle allows a bicycle rider to transport an additional bikein a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but also safe.
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