Top Shelf for Flat Screen TV’S

The Top Shelf provides eye-level viewing of knickknacks, extra speakers, clocks, pictures, holiday dcor, and electronic accessories above ones flat screen TV.

  • Adjustable for Different Height Televisions
  • Attaches in Less Than a Minute Without Any Tools
  • Different Shelf Lengths in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ft
  • Two Sizes of Shelf Widths 6 and 13
  • Premium Quality All Steel Construction
  • High Gloss Black Finish



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jerry Kardach of South Milwaukee, WI has created a shelf that provides eye-level viewing of knickknacks and electronic accessories above ones flat screen TV.

These days, many people have upgraded to flat screen televisions. These televisions make for an improved viewing experience and look sleek in the home. However, flat screen televisions are rarely enclosed in shelving and display space, like was once customary with older television sets. Additionally, the top of todays televisions are no longer wide enough to showcase items either. This leaves minimal space for storing various items. Inventor Kardach has created a means to display knickknacks and other accessories on top of a flat screen TV as one used to do with their old TV.

This clever new invention is sleek in design. It provides easy access to electronic devices. Various lengths and widths are available. It adjusts to fit different size TV frames. No tools are required. The use of the Top Shelf for Flat Screen TV's provides a shelf above flat screen televisions to conveniently store items that otherwise would not have a designated spot.

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