Toothbrush Identifier

The invention is a toothbrush with an integral changeable identification system used to identify ones toothbrush from others with an optional locking mechanism to keep the indicia from accidentally changing.

  • Prevents Spread Of Bacteria
  • Identifies Using Numbers, Letters, Symbols or Braille Numbers
  • Indicia Located on the Bottom Portion Of Toothbrush Handle
  • Eliminates Having To Get Different Colors 
  • Ideal For Bathrooms Shared By Multiple People


Utility Patent #8,978,278

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Martin Rossi of Hollywood, FL has designed a toothbrush with an integral identification system used to identify ones toothbrush.

Brushing ones teeth removes food particles and plaque while keeping ones breath fresh. The common toothbrush is a great tool for performing such a task provided that it is periodically replaced. However, it is during this replacement that confusion often results, especially in bathrooms with multiple users. Spouses, siblings and other relatives typically share a common spot to store all of their toothbrushes. As the various toothbrushes are replaced and colors of the toothbrushes are changed, and it is a common occurrence to use someone elses toothbrush by mistake. Not only is such action unsavory, but such an action can also spread germs. Inventor Rossi has created a means by which ones own toothbrush can be easily identified.

This clever new invention prevents the spread of bacteria by using numbers, letters or symbols to identify an individual toothbrush. Whatever the identifying means, it is located on the bottom portion of the toothbrush handle so that is in clear view of all bathroom occupants. The use of the Toothbrush Identifier provides an effective means to allow users to easily determine their toothbrush from others stored in the same location.

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