Tool Stand

The Tool Stand is an apparatus that assists with picking up tools.

  • For Rakes, Brooms, or Various Other Tools
  • Tool is Supported in An Elevated Position
  • No Bending Required
  • Users Foot Lifts Tool Off Ground
  • Great for All Trades, the Elderly, or the Disabled


Design Patent #D747,167.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard A. Harkin of Center Moriches, NY has created an apparatus that assists with picking up tools.

Tools are very handy. However, rakes, brooms and other tools require the user to constantly bend over and pick up the tool. This bending is inefficient and sometimes painful. This is why Richard Harkin invented the Tool Stand. The device is great for all trades, the elderly and disabled. A users foot lifts a tool off the ground, no bending required. It picks up tools so you don't have to.

This clever new invention is for rakes, brooms, or various other tools. Tools are supported in an elevated position. No bending is required. A users food lifts the tool off the ground. It is great for all trades, the elderly, or the disabled. The device is industrial and household friendly. The use of the Tool Stand convenientlylifts tools in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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