Tool Bucket Organizer

The invention is a two disc insert for bucket containersthat is designed to store and organize hand tools.

  • Fits 3  & 5 Gallon Buckets 
  • Contains Three Spacer Legs 
  • Various Holes For Specific Tools 
  • Great For Do-It Yourselfers 
  • Find Tools Easier

Story Behind the Invention

InventorKirk William Miller of New London, IA,has developed a patent pending two-disc insert for bucket containers that isdesigned to store and organize hand tools.

The 5-gallonbucket is popularly used to carry hand tools, due to its utility anddurability.  However, the tools typicallyend up in a tangled mess in the middle of the container.  Inventor Millerstool organizing device remedies this shortcoming.

This clever newinvention consists of two discs inserts for bucket containers; the inserts arekept separated by 3 spacer legs.  Itprovides a plurality of holes that hold various specific hand tools.  The invention fits all 3 to 5-gallonbuckets, and is great for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.  Use of the ToolBucket Organizer provides a simple and convenient way to findtools easier.

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