Tool Bucket Light

The Tool Bucket Light is a battery powered light for the bottom of 5gallon buckets used as tool buckets.

  • Seven Interior LED Lights
  • Lights & Battery Protected in Plastic
  • Easier Interior Viewing
  • Interior Power Switch
  • Great during Dim Lighting Conditions


Design Patent #D764,080

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anthony J. Enright of Elizabeth, NJ has designed a battery powered light for thebottom of 5 gallon buckets used as tool buckets.

Tool bucketinserts and attachments based upon a conventional five gallon bucket havebecome extremely popular among professional laborers and domesticdo-it-yourselfers.  Their use converts anotherwise durable container that will not rust or corrode into a ready to use toolbox.  One disadvantage is the large, deepcentral compartment that allows small tools and materials to become easily lostamongst larger tools.  When this iscoupled with the dim and inadequate lighting often found at the typicalconstruction site, it becomes almost impossible to find a particular tool withoutdumping out the entire contents.  Inventor Enright has created a means by which theinterior of five gallon tool buckets can be easily and quicklyilluminated. 

Thisclever new invention features seven interior LED lights, and an internal powerswitch.  Both the lights and the batteryare protected by plastic to extend the life and durability of theinvention.  This lighting system makes iteasy to view the inside of a five gallon bucket, and is great for use in dimlighting.    The use of the ToolBucket Light allows for the illumination of tool bucketsin a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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