Tool and Parts Caddy

The invention is an attachable storage container for easy access to tools, partsand materials while working on any elevated lifts.

  • IncreasesSafety & Productivity
  • EasilyInstalled Over Lift Railing
  • AttachableBraces For Pipe Storage
  • DecreasesGround Return Time
  • Braces Can HoldWire Rolls



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Talbott ofElkins,WV hasdesigned an attachable storage container for easy access to tools,parts and materials while working on elevated lifts.

Workerswho spend a great deal of time on elevated lifts need to have toolsand other materials close by; therefore, workers carry tools on theirperson. However, handling such articles can quickly becomecumbersome, as tools are often heavy and awkward. As a solution someworkers may place said tools and other materials on the deck of theplatform, but safety issues for both the worker on the lift and thosebelow quickly arise. Inventor Talbotthas created a means by which tools and other materials can be safelystored and used by workers on elevated lifts.

Thisclever new invention has attachable braces for pipe storage, bracesthat can hold wire rolls, and is easily installed over the liftrailing. Workers no longer have to return to the ground every time anew tool is needed, which leads to increased productivity. Additionally, tools and materials are no longer scattered about thedeck of the lift, and therefore overall safety for everyone isincreased. The use of the ToolAnd Parts Caddyallows workers on elevated lifts to complete the job in a manner thatis safe, quick, and effective.

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