Toilet Seat Lifter

The invention is a toilet seat lifter that raises or lowers a toilet seat and comprises a handle that attaches to the underside of the toilet seat with a fastener.

  • No Need to Touch Toilet Seat
  • Handle Installed At Desired Location
  • Removable Handle Ensures Cleanliness
  • Attaches to Underneath of Toilet Seat



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Francisco C. Irizarry ofCleveland, OH has designed a handle thatattaches to the underside of a toilet seat to allow both men andwomen to lower and raise the seat.

 Womenhave been known to complain that men never seem to grasp theimportance of lowering the toilet seat after use. However, inraising and lowering the toilet seat or toilet lid one exposesthemselves to a myriad of germs and bacteria that jeopardize theirhealth and well-being. As a result, many people resort to trying touse their feet or wrap toilet paper around their hands when raisingand lowering the seat and lid in order to avoid contact, especiallyin public restrooms. Inventor Irizarry hascreated a means by which the raising and lowering of a toilet seatand lid can be accomplished in manner that does not expose the userto unsanitary conditions.

This clever new invention is a handle that can be installed at anydesired location on the seat; it then can be removed to ensurecleanliness when not in use. This allows the user to avoid contactwith the toilet seat and lid, which makes everyone happy. The use ofthe Toilet Seat Lifter allows forthe raising and lowering of a toilet seat and/or lid in a quick,simple, and effective manner.

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