Toilet Seat Urination Guard

Our Toilet Seat Urination Guard prevents urine from accidentally leaving a toilet when used by a male in a seated position effectively closes the gap between the bottom of a toilet seat and a toilet bowl. The guard is attached to the toilet seat such that it extends within the toilet bowl when the seat is lowered and directs urine back into the bowl.

  • Easily Attaches to Bottom of Toilet Seat
  • Directs Urine into Toilet Bowl
  • Prevents Messy Accidents
  • Adapts To Any Size Toilet Seat
  • Ideal for Homes, Hospitals, & Hotels

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald A. Lockman of Alsip, IL has created an apparatus intended to prevent urine from accidentally leaving a toilet when used by a male in a seated position.

The battle to keep private and public restrooms clean is never-ending. This is especially true in mens bathrooms and restrooms where urine may splash out of the toilet area during the males urination process. Even if sitting down on the toilet during urination, it is a somewhat common occurrence to have the stream of urine exit the toilet bowl via the small gap between the seat and the porcelain bowl surface. Inventor Lockman has created a means to prevent urine messes on the outside of the bowl, the floor, and even the users clothing

This clever new invention attaches to the bottom of a toilet seat. It directs urine into the toilet bowl to prevent messy accidents. It adapts to any size toilet seat and is ideal for homes, hospitals, and hotels. The use of the Toilet Seat Urination Guard eliminates the possibility of accidental urine discharge from a toilet in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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