Toilet Seat Lifting Device

This invention is an apparatus that provides for the raising and lowering of a toilet seat.

  • More Sanitary
  • Portable, Adjustable
  • No Need to Touch Seat Surface
  • Add-On or Integral Molded Component
  • Ideal for Home & Public Restroom
  • Easily Attached, Fits all Toilets


Design Patent #D695,587

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert F. Pallone of Annapolis, MD has developed a sanitary means by which to lift a toilet seat.

Despite constant harassment from women around them, men never seem to remember to lower the toilet seat after use. This may, however, be due to the fact that one exposes themselves to a myriad of germs and bacteria when in contact with the seat. To avoid touching the seat, many people resort to trying to use their feet or wrap toilet paper around their hands when raising and lowering the seat and lid in order to avoid contact, especially in public restrooms. Accordingly, there is a need for a means by which the raising and lowering of a toilet seat can be accomplished in a manner such that it does not expose the user to any unsanitary conditions present on the toilet seat. Inventor Pallone has developed an effective and more sanitary method for raising and lowering a toilet seat.

This clever new invention is ideal for both home and public restrooms since it is portable, adjustable, easily attachable, and it fits all toilets. The invention can either be added on to a toilet or made as an integral molded component of the toilet seat. Using the invention allows men to lower the seat without touching the seat surface, making it far more sanitary. The use of the Toilet Seat Lifting Device provides a means by which toilet seats can be lifted without risking contact with harmful germs and bacteria.

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