Toilet Bowl Urination Guard

The invention is an apparatus intended to prevent urine from accidentally leaving a toilet when used by a male in a seated position.

  • Promotes Sanitary Environment
  • Directs Urine into Bowl
  • Snaps Over Toilet Bowl Front
  • Prevents Messy Embarrassments
  • Fits Most Toilets


Design Patent

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Matthew B. Stringham of Des Moines, IA has designed a toilet attachment to make toilet training a cleaner and simpler task.

As any parent will attest, toilet training is probably the most difficult, yet also one of the most important achievements of a childs development. One important part of the training specific to boys is the issue of a urine stream sometimes accidentally streaming out of the toilet from the gap between the toilet bowl and the bottom of the toilet seat. When this occurs, a large amount of urine ends up running down the outside of the bowl, on the floor, and perhaps even on the childs clothing and shoes. This not only results in a mess to clean up, but is also extremely embarrassing for a young child. Inventor Stringham has created a device to eliminate such an upsetting situation from occurring during toilet training.

This clever new invention prevents messy embarrassments by directing the urine into the toilet bowl. It snaps over the front of the bowl and fits most toilets to promote a sanitary environment almost anywhere. The use of the Toilet Bowl Urination Guard provides an easy and effective means to eliminate the possibility of accidental urine discharge from a toilet.

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