Toddler’s Spotter

The invention is an apparatus that assists toddlers who are already walking to climb playground equipment and other similar apparatus, thus empowering them to explore their world freely.

  • Allows Toddlers Freedom To Explore
  • Prevents Falls, Scrapes and Bruises
  • Ensures Safety Of Toddler
  • Adjustable For Child Growth
  • Lessens Stress On Care Provider


Patent #8,147,252

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dolph B. Stanford & Bonnie Standford of Port Orange, FL have developed an apparatus that assists toddlers in climbing playground equipment and other similar apparatuses, thus empowering them to explore their world freely.

There are countless products intended to protect babies from a seemingly endless list of dangers; however, one learning experience children are not protected from is learning how to walk, or learning how to climb on a gymnasium set. Either of these activities is bound to result in minor cuts and bruises when first attempted. Later, as the child become more active and proficient, they take off exploring, thus exposing themselves to even more dangers. Parents and care providers help by holding their hands, which not only upsets the childs balance, but puts a strain on the adult, as they must hunch over. Inventor Stanford has created a means by which toddlers can be protected while exploring their environment.

This clever new invention ensures the safety of toddlers while they walk and explore. It prevents the child from falling, while lessening stress for the parent. As the child grows and continues to explore the invention adjusts to the appropriate size. The use of the Toddler's Spotter allows toddlers, who are just beginning to walk and explore the ability to do so for long periods of time while remaining safe and comfortable.

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