The Drop Feeder

The drop feeder feeds whole apples, eared corn, loose grains, peanuts ect. (doughnuts for bears)--anything that fits loosely in a 4" l.

  • Multiple Types of Feed Can Be Dispensed by a Single Feeder
  • Gives Users an Edge in Hunting Wild Game
  • Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Saves Money
  • Must-Have Item for Hunting Enthusiasts


Utility Patent #10,687,512

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph D. Davis of Washington, PA has created a single game feeder that feeds animals at timed intervals for increased hunting success.

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment has enhanced the sport. Many people use feeders in order to attract game animals. Automated and elevated feeding stations entice wildlife to visit, feed, and hopefully return on a daily basis. A deer needs protein and minerals for antler development and will seek out a diet accordingly. Deer feeders work best in attracting deer if you use a mixture of various type feed, such as corn, deer feed rich in protein, apples, and other types of grain. However, having to use multiple feeders gets expensive! In turn, Inventor Davis created the Timed Game Feeder. Now multiple types of feed can be dispensed by a single wildlife feeder! Its so quick, easy, and effective.

This clever new invention gives users an edge in hunting wild game. It operates manually or automatically. It saves hunters money since they wont have to purchase multiple feeders. A cartridge goes into a barrel, the pipe is filled with feed, and a timer controls when the food is dropped out. The Timed Game Feeder is truly a must-have item for hunting enthusiasts. Act now!

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