Time-Saving Funnel

This invention is a funnel with multiple holes for fasterdrainage of fluids before disposal.

  • Prevents Messes & Spills 
  • Multiple Ports Securely & Snugly Hold Bottles 
  • Completely Drains Bottles 
  • Environmentally Friendly   
  • Perfect For Draining Oil, Antifreeze, Etc.

Story Behind the Invention

InventorDavid W. Bittner of Frostburg, MDhas designed a funnel with multiple holes which allows multiple bottles of fluidsto be drained faster.  

While tune-upsand major repair of modern engines are jobs best left to professionals,maintaining proper lubrication oil levels can be monitored and maintained bythe owners themselves.  Such a procedureusually utilizes four to five quart size containers of oil that are poured intothe engine.  While the vast majority ofthe oil leaves the bottle or can, a good percentage remains behind, clinging tothe sides of the container.  Not only isthis wasteful, it is an environmental issue as well.  At present, the only one can of oil can drainat a time, which is time consuming.  InventorBittner has created a means by which alloil containers can be easily emptied into an engine without the ecological ortime disadvantages.

This clever new invention prevents messes andspills.  The environmentally friendly inventionsecurely and snugly holds multiple bottles while completely draining them.  It is perfect for use with oil, antifreezeand the like.  The use of the Time-Saving Funnel provides users theability to reclaim oil or liquid that is customarily discarded, in a manner thatis quick, easy, and effective.

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