Tiki Torch with Handled Snuffer

The invention is a decorative tiki torch with a tethered snuffer cap which has an extended handle for extinguishing the flame in a safe manner.

  • Eliminates Painful Burns
  • Cap Chain Clips to Torch Head
  • Decorative Torch & Handle
  • No Need to Drop Cap Over Flame


Design Patent D 676,160

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mikki Miller Stephens of Sugarland, TX has created a handle device for the cap assembly of a tiki torch.

Tiki Torches, or patio torches, have been in use for years to provide light for outdoor nighttime activities in backyards, parks, and campgrounds across the country. In addition to the light they provide, they also lend a festive tropical air to activities that cannot be duplicated with electric light sources. However, extinguishing torch flames is somewhat of a tricky issue. The user must carefully drop or toss the cap on the wick of the torch without burning themselves. This often means repeated attempts until success. This also means more chance for accidental burns. Inventor Stephens has created a handle device for successfully extinguishing tiki torches.

This clever new invention eliminates painful burns. It contains a cap chain that clips to a torch handle. It provides a decorative look to both torch and handle. There is no longer a need to drop a cap over a flame. The use of the Tiki Torch with Handled Snuffer allows users to easily extinguish tiki torch flames in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but safe as well.

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