The Slagger

The Slagger is a slag hammer with a removable replaceable tip.

  • Drop Forged
  • Provides for a Higher Quality Longer Lasting Tool
  • Multi Use Chipping, Prying, Measuring, and Bull Pin Tool
  • Stays Sharp, Saves Time, Lasts Longer
  • Easy To Manufacture


Utility Patent #9,902,055; Design Patent #D760,572

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Daniel E. Baker and Kandis S. Baker of Riverside, CA have created a slag hammer with a removable replaceable tip.

Large construction steel erection projects require a variety of tools and accessories in order to produce a high-quality job in a minimum amount of time. The slag hammer has been used for generations. These hammers are used to remove extra weld splatter consisting of excess steel, flux, and other contaminants that exist to the side of weld. These hammers typically use a sharp pointed head to break through the crust of the slag. Over time, such points become broken or dull, and require sharpening or even total replacement of the hammer. This not only is a costly endeavor, but slows down work process while a new hammer is obtained. Inventors Baker have created a means by which the pointed head on a slag hammer can be guaranteed at all times.

This clever new invention provides for a higher quality job. It is a multi use device. It stays sharp, saves time, and lasts longer. It allows hammer bodies to last for years. The invention is easy to manufacture. The use of The Slagger ensures that a slag hammer will always be provided with a pointed face, in a manner which not only provides for fast easy work, but saves time and cost associated with total hammer replacement.

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