The Simplifier

The Simplifier is footwear with interchangeable sections!

  • Back Half of Shoes Are Interchangeable for Different Outfits
  • Metal Cleats Interlock Shoes Together
  • Leather Flap Covers Up Seam Where Shoes Interlock Together
  • Go from Heels to Flats Instantly
  • Easy to Change


Utility Patent #10,426,217

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Domenick Mainolfi of Floral Park, NY and William O'Reilly of Mineola, NY have created footwear with interchangeable sections!

Footwear is a significant wardrobe investment and different shoes are always needed depending on the day, event, or outfit. Not only can this be expensive, its also inconvenient. This is especially true when traveling or simply transitioning from the office to the commute home. In turn, Inventors Mainolfi and OReilly created a clever new invention for the world of footwear. Now you can go from heels to flats instantly with The Simplifier!

The back half of the shoes are interchangeable for different outfits or occasions. Metal cleats interlock the shoes together. A leather flap covers up the seam where the shoes interlock. Its like multiple shoes for the price of one! Be a trend setter and make a statement with The Simplifier! For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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