The Perfect Traveler



Design Patent #D739,668

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Byron Owens of CA has created a specialty pillow with enhanced features so users can now sleep comfortably in a seated position.

While traveling by car, train, or plane, it is difficult to fall asleep. The human body is just not designed to sleep in a seated position. After only a short period of time, passengers begin to slump forward, or lean to one side or another. Ones head might even bob around which is really not safe or comfortable at all. In turn, Inventor Owens was inspired to create an improved travel pillow.

The Perfect Traveler provides a major enhancement over the common pillow. It can be placed under a users chin in a perpendicular manner to their jaw. The invention holds a users head in position as one leans forward, with the other areas of support provided by the remainder of the pillow. This feature provides not only for a users comfort, but prevents a user from slumping over, or falling over while sleeping. No matter how youre traveling, do it with The Perfect Traveler!

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