The New Portable Food Organizer

The New Portable Food Organizer conveniently holds everything you need to prepare a meal.

  • Three Compartments for Meat, Buns, and Condiments
  • Drawers for Silverware and Napkins
  • Tight Fitting Lid
  • Stationary or Portable
  • Great for Holding Burgers, Hot Dogs, Wings, Lunchmeat, or the Like

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joanne Gathings of Dade City, FL has created a portable food organizer that conveniently holds everything you need to prepare a meal.

There are many instances when it is necessary to keep food items together when away from the home refrigerator. Perhaps the most typical use is that of packing food for lunches while at work or school, or packing for picnics. Inventor Gathings has created a means for compartments that keep different food items separate but together in one organizing device. The first compartment provides a place for various different types of meat. The second compartment is the bun holder. No longer will buns collapse while preparing food. Taco shells can also be placed in the bun holder if desired. The bun holder has the unique ability to pop out to be used as a plate. The third compartment is for condiments. Bulky bottles of condiments can stay in the home refrigerator and no longer need to be packed.

This clever new invention has three compartments for meat, buns, and condiments. It also holds silverware and napkins. The device has a tight fitting lid. It can be stationary or has wheels making it portable for on-the-go. The invention is great for holding burgers, hot dogs, wings, lunchmeat, or the like. The use of The New Portable Food Organizer allows meals to be pre-packed and organized any way you want!

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