The Mini Mike

The Mini Mike is a battery operated portable microwave for warming one serving of food or drink while away from the kitchen.

  • Use at Home, On the Road, or at Work
  • Great for Vacations, Hunting, and Camping
  • Operated Via Internal Removable Battery Pack
  • Recharges in 30 Minutes in Separate Recharger
  • Provided With Unit Mounted Handle and Separate Carrying Case for Easy Transportation


Design Patent #D579,419

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diane C. Ruscito of North Kingstown, RI has created a battery opperated portable microwave for warming one serving of food or drink.

Among the many modern conveniences that we all have come to rely on, there are few that rival the dependency and widespread use of the microwave. Whether it is used to thaw foods, reheat leftovers, or cook prepared meals, use of the microwave is just the remedy for todays fast-paced lifestyles. The microwave has developed rapidly into an appliance that few households go without. Use of the microwave has become such a normal habit of everyday life that its presence isnt truly appreciated until one is faced with a situation where one is not available. Sooner or later, we all are faced with the travel, vacationing, or camping situation in which the microwave is deeply missed.

Inventor Ruscitos job requires her to be outdoors all day. As such, she was inspired to develop a convenient way to heat food or drinks. This is when the idea for The Mini Mike was born.

This clever new invention is for use at home, on the road, or at work. It is great for vacations, hunting, and camping. It is operated via an internal removable battery pack. It recharges in 30 minutes in a separate recharger. The device is provided with a unit mounted handle and separate carrying case for easy transportation. The use of The Mini Mike provides the convenience of a conventional microwave oven while away from the kitchen.

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