The Little Casino

The Little Casino is a slot machine for use by children.

  • Provides Toy Prizes in Lieu of Cash
  • Eye-Catching Flashing Lights and Attention Gathering Sounds
  • Pull a Lever or Push a Button to Win a Prize
  • Ticket Comes Out for Winners to Redeem Their Prize
  • Accepts Cash and Coin


Design Patent #D798,956

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Linda C. Smith of Gilmer, TX has created a slot machine for use by children. Players can win toy prizes in lieu of cash.

Slot machines always manage to catch everyones attention with their flashing lights, pull handle, spinning wheels, and loud sounds. The draw of the slot machine can be truly exciting. The same excitement is felt by children as well, but of course they are unable to play due to age limitations. In turn, Inventor Smith created The Little Casino. Now children have a chance to join in on the fun with a slot machine that lets them win toys. Prizes range from small items that cost only quarters up to large prizes that are worth hundreds of dollars!

The Little Casino is eye-catching with flashing lights and attention gathering sounds. It accepts cash and coin. Players will pull a lever or push a button to win a prize. Tickets come out for winners to redeem their prize. Shipment on large items and taxes are paid by the winner.

Experience the fun and excitement of a slot machine with prizes just for kids! For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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