The Light Level

The invention is an illuminated carpenters level which aids in low lighting situations.

  • Led Lighting 
  • Solar Powered 
  • Dual Integral Vials   
  • Slope Indicator 
  • Auto-Off Feature


Utility Patent #: 8,359,757

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert C. Ruys of Woodstock, ON, Canada has developed an illuminated carpenters level which aids view in low lighting situations.

Construction and woodworking projects require a variety of tools used simply for measurement. One such tool that is used before nearly every task is the common carpenter level. Since precise readings are required, measurements unfortunately suffer when read in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. By illuminating the bubble vials on the carpenter level, Inventor Ruys has enhanced viewing for low-lighting situations.

This clever new invention features internal LED lamps that illuminate 3 pairs of bubble vials at 0, 45, and 90, for viewing from either side of the level. A blackout screen positioned between each pair of vials enhances illumination. The LED lamps have a long life and low battery consumption, and integral solar panels further reduce battery usage. The lights are triggered by a recessed on/off switch, and an auto-off function is provided. The level is also equipped with a slope indicator on its top side for easy measurement of sloped surfaces. Use of the The Light Level provides for easy and precise measurements in virtually any type of lighting.

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