The Hangman

A perfectly level picture in a matter of seconds!

  • Makes Hanging Things Easy
  • Built in Ruler and Level
  • Simply Measure the Distance Needed Between Holes, Then Place Your Nails
  • Holes Are Spaced ¼” Apart
  • Lightweight


Design Patent #D786,105

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ryan Heitstuman of Brighton, CO has created a clever new device that makes hanging photos or artwork so easy!

The idea was born while hanging decorations in his den. He needed multiple nails on the same plane and thought to himself, There has to be an easier way to accomplish this! In turn, he created The Hangman!

The invention takes the form of a flat parallel piece of plastic with holes drilled all along the edge and spaced apart. It is lightweight so as to not strain a user. At the top, there is a level. Increments of measurement are listed all the way down the device. Users will simply measure the distance needed between holes, mark the holes with nails or a pencil at those locations on the device, and then level the bar with the attached level. Tap in the nails and youre done! Users can make more holes on the same plane greater than 24" by simply moving The Hangman over a little while keeping one nail in a hole. This way you could hang nails on a plane as long as your wall if you wanted to!

Now you can have a perfectly level picture in a matter of seconds! Contact us now to learn about manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for The Hangman!

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