Tether for Cellular Phone

The Tether for Cellular Phones is a device which holds your cellular phone around your neck or wrist.

  • Swivels So Phone Can Be Viewed In Any Direction
  • Prevents Lost, Stolen or Broken Phones
  • Latch For Easy Removal
  • Designed To Fit All Electronic Hand Held Products
  • Available For Men, Women, And Children


Design Patent #

Story Behind the Invention

Wireless communication devices such as cellular phones and smart phones have seen a tremendous increase in usage in recent years. Though some people consider their phones to be essential in their daily lives, they can also be a hindrance. Phones are typically one of the first items to become lost, stolen, or accidentally broken. Inventor Manjerico has created a means by which wireless communication devices can be safely secured and accessed without worry.

This clever new invention swivels so a phone can be viewed in any directed. It prevents lost, stolen or broken phones. It is provided with a latch for easy removal. It is designed to fit all electronic hand held products. It is available for men, women, and children. The use of the Tether for Cellular Phone not only allows one to keep their cellular phone handy, but also protects it from harm in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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