Tent with Insertable Mattress

The invention is a camping tent with a removable/inflatable floor mattress which provides the camper with more interior room when compared to a conventional tent with a conventional air mattress inside.

  • Provides Comfort On Hard Surfaces
  • Easy To Build & Tear Down
  • Air Pump Provided
  • Waterproof & Insect-Proof Enclosure
  • Same Functions & Appearance As Regular Tent


Utility Patent #8,776,812

Story Behind the Invention

Personal tents are an important part of most camping trips. Also, air mattresses are one of the most commonly used sleeping devices on such trips. However, these mattresses suffer from the facts that they can be difficult to insert into the tent and they take up a significant amount of space. Inventor Forget solved this problem with the Tent With Insertable Mattress, a tent designed to accommodate an air mattress in a way which is simple and which conserves interior space.

This clever new invention provides users with comfort on hard surfaces. The invention has the same functions and appearance as a regular tent, but the unique design makes it easier to set up and tear down. An air pump for the mattress is provided along with the mattress/tent combination. Furthermore, the tent enclosure is thoroughly waterproof and insect proof. The use of the Tent With Insertable Mattress is a great way to add ease and comfort to your next camping experience.

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