Tanning Tent

InventorFortins patent pending invention called the Tanning Tent is an enclosure intended to provide privacy and protection when tanning outdoors.

  • Provides Privacy
  • Screen Sides with Opaque Panels 
  •  Protection from Insects & UV Rays 
  •  Allows for Air Flow 
  •  Includes a Carrying Case 
  •  Integral Storage Pouch


Utility Patent #8,365,752

Story Behind the Invention

The perfect,golden tan is a pursuit of many.  Muchtime, effort and money are spent outdoors, in tanning booths, and on speciallotions and oils to generate the ideal tan. While many purists insist that time must be spent outdoors in thesunlight to obtain a good tan, many people do not go to this effort.  Perhaps the biggest reason for not doing sois because of a lack of privacy.  Simplyput, most people do not feel comfortable lying naked or nearly naked next toothers.  Additionally, many people do nottan outdoors due to the high probability of being bothered or bitten byinsects.  Accordingly, there is a needfor a means by which anyone can sunbathe outdoors and have a high degree ofprivacy and protection from insects anywhere, and at anytime with little or nomess or fuss. 

Seeking a way totan in privacy while being protected from bugs, Inventor Sharolyn Fortin fromSanbornton, New Hampshire has developed the Tanning Tent a cleverinnovation which allows one to tan outside in complete privacy.

Thislounge chair-sized tent has four walls made of opaque panels, a bottom, and aclear top which allows the sunrays in and keeps insects out, all whileprotecting against harmful UV rays.  Thescreens allow air flow while the user is inside tanning on a hot summersday.  A zipper at one end allows accessto the enclosure end and the straight support rods keep it from collapsing onthe sunbather. Additionally, the Tanning Tent has an integral pouchfor easy carrying. The use of the Tanning Tent will provide sunbathersa means to obtain a rich, even tan outdoors in total privacy.

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