Tank Tote And Stow

The Cylinder Carrying and Chocking Apparatus and Method creates a sling around the cylindrical tank, making it much easier to carry.

  • Holds all Tanks in a Horizontal Manner
  • Prevents Damage to the Valve or Regulator
  • Anyone Can Carry the Tank, Regardless of Strength
  • Stops all Tanks from Rolling
  • Easy to Assemble


Utility Patent #7,118,149

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kenneth Mertz of Fernandina Beach, FL has designed a sling to use around a cylindrical tank, making it much easier to carry.

In order to participate in the fun activity of scuba diving one must transport a cylindrical tank to a boat or dive location. Additionally, these types of tanks can be found in use in doctors offices and hospitals where they are also moved around frequently. However, transporting and carrying these tanks can be awkward and dangerous. It is much safer to carry the tank in a horizontal position that will prevent it from rolling in a car trunk, truck bed or around the floor of a room. Inventor Mertz has created a mean by which cylindrical tanks can be transported and carried in a safe manner.

This clever new invention allows cylindrical tanks to be carried in a horizontal manner by just about anyone regardless of strength. The tote system prevents damage to the valve and regulator, and is easy to assemble. The use of the Tank Tote And Stow allows anyone that needs to carry and/or transport a cylindrical tank a means to do so in manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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