Tag Plate Positioning Bracket

The invention is a motorized retractable license platebracket for motor vehicles that require a front tag. It allows theowner to have the tag fold under for a cleaner look.

  • EnhancesVehicles Appearance
  • Folds Up toDisplay When on the Road
  • Retracts Underfor Special Events
  • Use withSports/Show Cars & Displays
  • EliminatesUnsightly Plate Holes


Patent #8,245,996

Story Behind the Invention

The love affair peoplehave with their automobiles is a well-known fact. Countless hoursare spent cleaning, waxing, and detailing cars all around the worldevery day, just so they can look their best as they drive down theroad. Many people also go to extra lengths to draw attention totheir car. This is evidenced by the great popularity of custom paintschemes, custom wheels, and even special neon lights. However, oneitem that is the same on every car, from the cheapest junker to themost exotic sport car, is that of the license plate. As such, manypeople do not want to draw attention to such plates and will go outof their way to remove them while at shows or gatherings. Thistactic, however, requires time when removing the plates andconsequently more time when replacing them to drive back home. Additionally, many older vehicles must add holes and bushings toallow the plate to be attached, which is not in line with theirstyling.

Faced with such dilemma,and wanting to avoid drilling into the body of his own vehicle,inventor Derek R. Ciabaszewski of Putnam, CT,developed a motorized retractable license plate bracket.

The Tag PlatePositioning Bracket greatly enhances the appearance of amotor vehicle. It folds up for display while driving on the road,and also retracts under for concealment when desired. Its greatfor special events such as car shows, but is suitable for virtuallyall motor vehicle owners. It eliminates unsightly holes caused byunnecessary drilling.

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