Tablet Computer Case and Mounting System

The Tablet Computer Case and Mounting System transforms a tablet into an ideal tool for photo and video recording.

  • Ensures Stability While Recording
  • Mounts On Tripod & Car Seat Head Rest
  • Mounts On Desks For Students & Teachers
  • Accessories for Variety of Uses
  • For Use With An iPad Or Other Similar Device
  • Protects your Tablet


Utility Patent #9,606,580

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Darryl D. Garland, Sr. and Ramelle E. Garland of Tiger, GA have designed a way to transform a tablet computer into the ideal tool for photo and video recording.

With all of the technological advances being seen today it is getting to the point where we only need one small device to do it all. Sooner rather than later that device is going to be that of a tablet computer. Their small nature coupled with their versatility has made them the ideal computer for just about everyone. One feature found on most tablets is the ability to record high quality video. The only problem with using a tablet to record video is the user. The user can shake and jolt the tablet, which leads to a less than satisfactory video quality. Luckily, Inventors Garland and Garland have created a means by which a tablet computer can be used to record a high quality video and eliminate user error.

This clever new invention allows the users to mount their tablet computer on a tripod or car seat head rest. It is ideal for recording video, since it keeps the tablet stable. The invention would come with a variety of accessories, and would have the added bonus of protecting the tablet computer. The use of the Tablet Computer Case and Mounting System provides a means to record video using a tablet computer in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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