Tablecloth Retainer

The Tablecloth Retainer works to keep tablecloths secure by use of magnets.

  • Great for Use Outdoors in Windy Conditions
  • Ideal for Picnics and Outdoor Dining
  • Reduces Frustration
  • Available in Standard Table Lengths
  • Magnet Size Varies Depending on Tablecloth Material


Design Patent #D758,764

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sandra Young of Ocoee, FL has created a means to keep tablecloths secure with magnets.

Inventor Young was inspired to create the Tablecloth Retainer after too many outdoor picnics with the tablecloth blowing off the table. Even the slightest bit of wind can upset a tablecloth and disrupt a meal or social gathering. Many resort to taping, tying, or even stapling a tablecloth onto a table. Not only are these inefficient fixes, they are unattractive fixes as well. Inventor Young has created an improved means for a retainer that keeps tablecloths secure by the use of magnets.

This clever new invention is great for use outdoors in windy conditions. It is ideal for picnics and outdoor dining. It reduces frustration. The invention is available in standard table lengths. Magnet size varies depending on tablecloth material. The use of the Tablecloth Retainer keeps tablecloths secure in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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