System For Coating Reptile Feed With A Powder Composition

InventorsFosters patent pending invention called the System for Coating Reptile Feedwith a Powder Composition appliespowder-based food additives to feeder insects that are used to feed reptiles.

  • Eliminates Need to Touch Insects 
  •  Enhances Reptile Nutrition 
  •  Box with a Screen Barrier 
  •  Shake to Coat Feeder Insects 
  •  Tray Collects Excess Powder for Reuse


Utility Patent #8,186,302

Story Behind the Invention

InventorNatasha Foster of Roswell, GA developed asystem that applies powder-basedfood additives to insects, which are then used to feed reptiles.

In order to ensurea balanced diet for reptiles, many people use feeder insects that are coveredwith powdered vitamins. This process is carried out with a group of feederinsects being placed in a plastic bag with powder-based additives, and then fedto reptiles. However, there are several disadvantages to this method, such asthe user having to touch the insects, which can transfer germs to the reptile. Additionally,there is no secure way to hold semi-used powder creating waste.  Inventor Foster has created a system in whichfeeder insects can be coated with food supplements without the disadvantages.

This clever new invention isa box with a screen barrier that separates insects and powder.  A simple shake of the invention coats theinsects, while collecting excess powder in a tray for reuse. The user no longerhas to touch the insects, while enhancing the reptiles nutrition.  The use of the SystemFor Coating Reptile Feed With A Powder Composition ensures thatreptiles are being feed the proper nutrients in a way that is not only quick,easy and effective but thorough as well.

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