Swivel Shepherd Hook

The invention is a support stand for hanging plants or birdfeeders which allows them to swing away from an elevated location.

  • Same Design As Shepherd Hook Support System
  • Supported Via Rotating Coupling Mechanism
  • Keeps Animals Away From The Feeders
  • Swings In not Out For Safety
  • Wall Mounted or Flat Rail Mounted
  • Reduces Mess
  • Aesthetically Pleasing To Look At

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert P. Terol of Batavia, NY has designed a support stand for hanging plants or birdfeeders.

Plants and flowers are a welcome addition to any decor. Their vibrant colors combined with their unique physical traits often form the centerpiece of a home or garden. Also, many people enjoy the presence of birds on their property and hang bird feeders from trees and elsewhere. Often these plants and birdfeeders are supported on support stands. These stands typically require insertion into the ground and are thus only suitable over grade locations. Inventor Terol created a means by which hanging planters and birdfeeders can be easily tended and viewed.

This clever new invention has a similar design to that of a shepherd hook support system. It is supported via a rotating coupling mechanism that swings in not out for safety. It can either be wall mounted or mounted on a railing. The invention is aesthetically pleasing, and great for use with all hanging birdfeeders and planters. The use of the Swivel Shepherd Hook allows for the secure support of hanging plants or birdfeeders in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but aesthetically pleasing and practical as well.

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