Swivel Base for a Conduit Bender

This invention is a pivoting footportion for use with manual conduit benders.

  • Prevents Handle From Slipping 
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom 
  •  Insures Secure Footing on Angled Surfaces 
  •  Prevents Damage to Floor Area 
  •  Available in all Standard Sizes


Utility Patent #8,307,691

Story Behind the Invention

InventorSteven Bolander of Lebanon, TNhas developed a tool to help stabilize and reduce slippage for manual conduitbenders.

Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) is acommon conduit system used in residential, commercial, and industrial wiringinstallations and is frequently used for distributing power and controlwiring.  It is easy to store, transport,and cut and provides a fairly high level of protection from physicaldamage.  However, any special bends oroffsets in the conduit require the use of a manual conduit bender.  A conduit bender is a fairly simple and low-costtool, but it requires time and skill to properly bend a conduit.  Unfortunately, a manual conduit bender isprone to slipping on ground surfaces and can cause damage to the conduit orfloor surface.  Inventor Bolander has created a means by which a manual conduit bender can be used without worry ofslippage or possible floor damage.

This clever newinvention has a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure secure footing on angledsurfaces.  By acting as a stabilizingbase for a manual conduit bender, it prevents the handle from slipping andpossibly causing damage to the floor area. Also, the invention is available in all standard sizes to work with allconduit benders.  The use of the Swivel Base for a Conduit Bender allowselectricians to quickly and easily install bends and offsets in EMT conduitinstallations without worry of the manual bender slipping on or damaging floorsurfaces.

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