Surfer Leash for a Stand Up Paddle Board

The invention is an attachment leash for stand up paddle boards used in surfing. It will not break like their lighter weight counterparts that are used with smaller, lighter surfboards.

  • Eliminates Losing Standup Paddle Boards 
  • Connects to the Ankle & Surfboard
  • Easily Adjusts for Any Size  
  • Internal Padding Increases Comfort  
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


Utility Patent #8,894,457

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Peter Crozier of Makawao, HI has designed an attachment leash for stand up paddleboards.

Very few leisure time activities rival that of spending a warm summer day at the beach and on the water. Among the many activities that onecan enjoy at the beach, swimming and surfing among the waves is themost popular. Over the years, there have been several new twists added to the surfing experience. One of the more recent ones is thatof the stand-up paddle board. It allows surfers to perform different routines and functions than those afforded by a conventional surfboard. However, the stand up paddle board is of aheavier and larger design than a conventional surfboard. As such, attachment leashes typically used to attach the surfer to the surfboard are prone to snapping with stand up paddle boards. Inventor Crozier has created a means by which stand up paddle boards can be attached to a surfer with an attachment leash without the worry of breakage.

This clever new invention eliminates possibly losing a stand-up paddleboard. It connects to the users ankle just like a traditional surfboard leash. The leash easily adjusts and has internal padding for increased comfort. The use of the Surfer Leash for a Stand Up Paddle Board provides stand up paddle boarders the ability to remain connected to their board at all times thus eliminating potential loss.

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