Support Pillow and Case

The Support Pillow and Case is a specialized pillow to help reduce snoring.

  • Snoring Reduction Aid
  • Prevents People from Sleeping On Their Back
  • Natural Cotton Fiber Fill Does Not Easily Compress
  • Helps Maintain the Airway in an Open State by Keeping the Neck Extended
  • Easy To Manufacture


Design Patent #D752,360

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sandra Hadley, a nurse from Quitman, GA has created a specialized pillow to help reduce snoring.

During Inventor Hadleys fifteen years as a paramedic, she always had to focus on an open and clear airway. While conducting research on snoring, she came across the same information. Inventor Hadley understands that it is important for a snorer to have an open airway. Likewise, it is important for a snorer to sleep on their side instead of their back. Many times, simply sleeping on ones side completely eliminates snoring, as the snorers chin is lifted up, and airways remain clear. However, keeping people sleeping on their side is difficult as many prefer to sleep on their back. Inventor Hadley has created a means for keeping one on their side with a maintained clear airway in an effort to avoid snoring.

This clever new invention is a snoring reduction aid. It prevents a person from sleeping on their back. Its natural cotton fiber fill does not easily compress. The pillow helps maintain the airway in an open state by keeping the neck extended. It is easy to manufacture. The use of the Support Pillow and Case reduces the tendency to snore, and thus the tendency to annoy others nearby, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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