String and Disc Toy

The invention is a toy that spins and produces different colors by pulling each end forcing the disc to unwind.

  • Spinning Disk Produces Various Patterns 
  • Glow in the Dark Capabilities
  • Great for Childrens Parties or Carnivals
  • Unique & Eye-Catching
  • Novelty Toy Item
  • One or Two Players


Design Patent #D759,165.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Genetta St. Louis of Burlington,NJ has designed a toy that spins and produces different colorsby pulling each end.

Thetoy industry is a multibillion dollar global industry that iscontinually growing as more and more products are developed andintroduced to the buying public. The industry is somewhat unique inthe sense that it is highly susceptible to trendy products or fads. This is due most likely to the fact that children fall easily to peerpressure and, as a result, when a toy product achieves a certainlevel of popularity among children, demand can skyrocket. This isnot necessarily to say that these products require revolutionary orinnovative designs, some popular toys are among the simplest. Inventor St. Louis has invented a toy that willgrab the attention of adults and kids alike.

This clever new invention is a spinning disk toy, which producesvarious patterns and can glow in the dark. This novelty toy is greatfor childrens parties and other fun filled events. The Stringand Disc Toy provides a Toy which is not only uniqueand eye-catching, but simple and easy to use as well.

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