Stretchable Can Closure Device

This invention is a stretchable, protective cover for canned beverages or drink glasses. It is intended to keep insects, dirt, and other debris out of cans/glasses while they are opened for consumption.

  • Latex Free Vulcanized Rubber
  • Stretches Over Can & Holds Securely
  • Accommodates Cans/Glasses of Various Size
  • Pull Tab for Easy Removal
  • Great for Picnics & Travel


Design Patent D376,746

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Debra Shaffer of Springfield, OH has designed a stretchable protective cover for cannedbeverages or drink glasses to prevent unwanted insects or debris from enteringthe container.

Just about everytype of beverage is available in cans today, including beer, soda, juice, andeven water.  The convenience of aluminumcans makes them ideal for use at outdoor parties, picnics, camping, and otheroutdoor activities.  However, whenconsuming these beverages outdoors, one must always be careful of insects thatmay fly or crawl into unattended cans. Also, dirt, grass clippings, and other undesirable foreign matter mayinadvertently fall into the can when the drinker is not looking.  This same problem exists for ordinarydrinking glasses as well, or for situations where a can or glass needs to beprotected from spills such as when traveling in a motor vehicle.  Inventor Shaffer has created a handy beverage can or glass cover thatprevents any foreign objects from entering ones drink and also prevents anyliquid from being spilled.

This clever newinvention is made of latex free vulcanized rubber that simply stretches overthe can or glass and will remain securely in place.  Its stretchable nature also allows theinvention to accommodate to cans and glasses of various sizes.  Also, a small pull tab allows it to be easilyremoved.  The invention is great for anyoccasion, but is perfect for picnics and traveling.  The use of the StretchableCan Closure Device allows for consumption of beverages incans or glasses without worry of spillage or insects, debris, or other foreignobjects contaminating the drink.

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