Storage Means and Shipping Method for Motorcycles

The invention is a maneuverable platform for storing motorcycles where space is limited and also for shipping.

  • End Channel Ramps For Secure Loading & Unloading
  • Fork Lift Attachment For Rack Storage
  • 360-Degree Casters
  • Fits All Factory Manufactured Cycles
  • Includes a Soft & Hard Protective Cover

Story Behind the Invention

Many American enjoy riding motorcycles, either for recreation or economic purposes. However, whatever the reason for riding, there are times when the motorcycle needs to be transported but not ridden or stored in a confined space. There are various reasons for this type of transportation or storage; however, there is no consistent, stable, and easy way to do so. Inventor Carpenter has developed a way in which motorcycles can be transported, shipped, or stored without using awkward methods such as crates and boxes.

This clever new invention has end ramps for secure loading and unloading of motorcycles, a low profile for stability, a forklift attachment for rack storage, and four casters that rotate 360 for ease of mobility in tight quarters. The motorcycles are protected by not only a soft textile cover, but a fiberglass hard-cover as well. The system can hold all factory manufactured motorcycles. The use of the Storage And Shipping Method For Motorcycles allows for short and long term storage and shipment of motorcycles in a manner that will not damage the cycle and is easy for the user.

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