StickLids are a line of plastic food containers with lids that allow for stacked storage of multiple empty containers with their lids as one cohesive unit.

  • Locking Stacking Lids
  • Keeps Containers and Lids Organized
  • Reduces Clutter and Frustration
  • Freezer, Dishwasher, and Microwave Safe
  • Available In Multiple Sizes, Styles, and Colors


Utility Patent #9,663,269

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Roy Lasris of Seaford, Virginia, has created a new line of plastic food containers. They come with lids that allow for stacked storage of multiple empty containers as one cohesive unit.

Plastic storage containers do a great job of keeping food and leftovers fresh. However, when looking for the proper container, it is often difficult to find a matching lid. While the bases can be easily nested and stacked, their old-fashioned lids cannot. Lids are typically tossed together in a loose, disorganized state, often far apart from their bases. As a result, kitchen cabinets and cupboards quickly become cluttered, with bases in one location and a disorganized mess of lids in another. Inventor Lasris was tired of hunting down the tops to his food storage container bottoms and conceived StickLids to solve this problem.

This clever new invention features stacking lids that securely attach to one another in an obvious and intuitive fashion. Containers and their lids stay together, reducing clutter and frustration. The containers are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Multiple sizes, styles, and colors are available.

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