Square Cap for Tube

The invention is a cap for blood sample tubes with a square body to prevent accidental rolling of the tube when placed on a horizontal surface.

  • Eliminates Blood Cleanups And Decontamination
  • Rest Of Cap Design Remains The Same
  • Improves Turn Around Time
  • Eliminates Repeated Blood Draws
  • Saves Repeat Visit To Labs By Patients
  • Ideal For Use In Hospitals And Doctors Offices


Design Patent D685,267

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Linda Butler Stout of Lilesville, NC has designed a square cap for blood sample tubes that will prevent the tube from rolling on horizontal surfaces.

The sight of a blood sample tube is common in hospitals, medical labs, and medical offices. They have played a valuable role in medical treatment since their invention in 1947. However, even given their long history, it does not mean they are not without their disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest of these is their tendency to roll off of any counter, table, or other horizontal surface and crash and break upon the floor. Not only does the blood have to be redrawn, it may force the patient to return, and also forces a time consuming cleanup and decontamination of the spilled blood. Inventor Stout has created a means by which blood tubes can be easily preventing from rolling.

This clever new invention eliminates the need to clean up spilled blood and decontaminate the area. Additionally, it improves turn around time of test results and minimizes blood redraws. It is ideal for use in hospitals and labs where blood sample tubes are used often. The use of the Square Cap for Tube allows for the collection of blood samples without worry of dropped or broken tubes caused by rolling.

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