Spray Can Holder

The Spray Can Holder allows for easier use of a pressurized aerosol spray can.

  • Helps Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Rotates for Hard-to-Reach Areas
  • Just Hold and Aim the Can
  • Can Be Reused Over and Over
  • Great for Spray Paint or Any Type of Pressurized Aerosol Product


Patent #D754,001

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David L. Barrier of South Bend, IN has created a device that allows for easier use of a pressurized aerosol spray can.

There are many liquid products that are dispensed via a pressurized aerosol can. Perhaps the most common of these is spray paint. After shaking, the user is required to press and hold the top mounted release knob to produce a steady stream of paint. Unfortunately, the pressure required to hold this release knob, coupled with the requirement of holding the spray can with the same hand, quickly causes ones fingers and hands to become tired. In fact, most people can only spray a partial can of spray paint before a break is needed. This obviously increases the amount of time necessary to perform a simple spray painting project.

The Spray Can Holder provides a means of utilizing a can of spray paint over a continuous period of time in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe as well. This clever new invention helps prevent repetitive stress injuries. It rotates for hard-to-reach areas. Simply hold and aim the can. The device can be reused over and over. It is great for spray paints and many other types of pressurized aerosol products.

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