Sport Helmet with Attachable Fan

This invention is an anti-fog fan for use on paintball face shields.

  • External On/Off Control Switch
  • Centrally located Fan
  • Prevents Fogging Of Face Shield
  • Ideal For Hot/Cold Weather
  • Powered By A 9-Volt Battery

Story Behind the Invention

The sport of paintball combines the skills of endurance, tactical maneuvering, marksmanship, and teamwork into one sport with a high level of excitement and fun. In order protect ones head and face during a paintball game, a player typically wears a combination helmet and face shield. However, due to the high temperature and higher humidity of the users breathe when compared to the outside ambient air, the face shield becomes fogged. Inventor Moffitt has developed a means by which face shields used on paintball helmets no longer become fogged.

This clever new invention has a centrally located fan used to eliminate the fogging of face shields on paintball helmets. The fan is powered by a 9 volt battery and can be turned on/off via an external switch. The invention can be used while playing paintball in either hot or cold weather. The use of the Sport Helmet with Attachable Fan provides a simple solution to the problem of fogging face shields in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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