Splinted Compression Bandages

The Splinted Compression Bandages are compression style bandages with integral immobilization ability.

  • Bandage Provided With Integral Splint Materials
  • Keeps Injured Body Parts Aligned While Waiting For Medical Attention
  • Can Be Applied By Only One Person
  • Ideal for Use by First Responders
  • Available in All Different Sizes


Utility Patent #9,987,186

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Allie Lynch, a licensed practical nurse from St. John's, NL has created compression style bandages with integral immobilization ability.

During emergency medical treatment, it is a common occurrence to apply a splint. These splints are frequently used to immobilize an extremity in response to an injury, or prevent further injury. Splints are comprised of two main components. The first is a compression bandage. The elastic nature of these bandages ensures that they remain tight, yet not overly restrictive. The second part of a splint is an immobilizing device. These can be as simple as a piece of wood, or as complex as a configurable plastic channel. However, the bandage and the immobilizing device are always two separate pieces. This often requires multiple people to apply. Also the immobilizing device must often be cut or customized to the individual patient, thus taking valuable time. Inventor Lynch has created a means by which the components needed to produce a splint can be combined into one in an effort to save time during emergency situations.

This clever new invention is a bandage with integral splint materials. It keeps injured body parts aligned while waiting for medical attention. It can be applied by only one person. It is ideal for use by first responders. It is available in all different sizes. The use of the Splinted Compression Bandages provides the ability to immobilize a patient to help prevent further injuries using a one piece solution, in a manner which is not only quick and effective, but easy to use as well.

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