Spiffy Splatter Shield

The Spiffy Splatter Shield prevents splattering while cooking or frying foods.

  • Keeps Walls, Counter Tops and Cooking Surfaces Clean
  • Prevents Messy Clean Ups
  • Can Be Used With All Cooking Surfaces
  • Available In Multiple Sizes to Fit All Pots and Pans
  • Finds Use in Homes, Restaurant Kitchens, Cafeterias and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Margo Spencer of Canada has created a device that prevents splattering while cooking or frying foods.

Most cooking operations such as boiling, frying, and warming tend to produce splatters that leave the cooking pot or pan and end up on the cooking surface, the counter top, or the wall. This leads to a time-consuming clean up, especially with greasy foods. While there are circular screens that can be placed on the top of the pot or pan to reduce splatters, their screened nature still allows a good amount of grease or oil to pass through. In turn, Inventor Spencer was inspired to create a splatter screen that really works!

The Spiffy Splatter Shield keeps walls, counter tops and cooking surfaces clean. It prevents messy clean ups. It can be used with all cooking surfaces. The device is available in multiple sizes to fit all pots and pans. It finds use in homes, restaurant kitchens, cafeterias and more. Now you can cook or fry just about any food that splatters with confidence that the mess will be limited and easy to clean up!

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