Snow Removal Caddy

The Snow Removal Caddy is a snow shovel with enhanced ergonomic features.

  • Eliminates Bending Over and Lifting Snow
  • Reduces Back Pain and Injury
  • Adjusts For Different Types and Depths of Snow Fall
  • Two Wheels Are Located on the Rear of the Shovel Body
  • Just Roll and Go


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kristine M. Downer and William J. Downer of Holly, MI have created a snow shovel with enhanced ergonomic features.

Those of us that must remove snow from our driveways, sidewalks, and porches, know all too well of the work associated with the snow removal process. There is always a risk of back pain or injury since people must bend over, grab the handle of the shovel, and lift up with all of his or her might. In turn, Inventors Downer created the Snow Removal Caddy. They knew that everybody, especially the elderly, could benefit from the ease of simply pushing the snow with this device.

This clever new invention eliminates bending over and lifting snow. It reduces back pain and injury. It adjusts for different types and depths of snow fall. The position of the handle is adjustable for users of different heights. Two wheels are located on the rear of the shovel body. The device can also be used for spreading topsoil and other landscaping materials. Just roll and go! The use of the Snow Removal Caddy provides users the ability to quickly move large amounts of snow without risk of back pain or injury. Act now!

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